FATZ 2 is done! Cover is done! Audio is done! Won’t be long now!

In FATZ2 a man loses some weight, a girl’s leg hairs grow long, a beagle sniffs a butt. And, most horrifyingly of all, Jim runs out of curry!

The great curry shortage brings dynamic trio Jim, Bob and Doug out of retirement and they say goodbye to Jim Island and head home to Australia in a most unlikely form of transport. Cue the dramatic yet slightly hopeful music score as they encounter survivors and begin to wonder if the human race will indeed survive. Even Doug the beagle jumps on board the positivity train, and goes through rehab with some help from his friends.

But the next phase in this end of the world story is not all daisies and sunshine, as indicated by the presence of the great lizard king and the inaugural zombie waterfall.

Dogs, zombies, lizards and leg hair aside, the real question is does Jim still have what it takes to be the world’s first and last anti-running, anti-prepping survivor? Or will that mantle be given to someone else. 

Who am I kidding there can never be another Jim. The real question will he ever enjoy a curry again?