It has happened… I mean finally happened! I have heard this has happened to others before, but it was always a friend of my girlfriends cousin type thing.

A user called today and wanted to reset their password and of course needed help in doing so. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but what happened the next got me!

I asked for his username and he proceeded to tell me his username one letter at a time and with no confidence at all. Here is a copy of how it went down:

user: “M ummm for mike… (long pause)”

me: ok m

user: “Q ummmm for like cucumber”

me: I’m sorry was that q for Quebec or Queen or c for Charlie”

user:”ummmm yeah like c for Charlie”

I swear I heard a sound that played out loud, like a levelling up in a video game. I just went from being a IThelp desk worker to a veteran IT worker!


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