Chris Philbrook of “Adrian’s Undead Diary” fame (along with many other amazing stories) is running a ‘roll the dice’ interviews series (details of which can be found on his web site The people being interviewed belong in the camp of great authors and narrators. Normally, this fact alone would exclude me from ever being on that list. But for whatever reason… maybe he felt pity for me… maybe he wanted to show the difference between good writers and bad writers… maybe he just wants to have a laugh…I’m on the list! I did find his description of me amusing, “Dean Thomas, Australian, large man, creator of things that can be read”.

I found it amusing because my friends don’t read, and really it has only been my friends who have had any interest in reading my stuff 😉 By the way this is very handy for me as I can tell stories about my friends in my books and never be sued… so shhh don’t tell them!

Anyway, regardless of the reasons why, I am on the list of interviewees. It should be a good laugh. Please go check out his site and follow the interview series. Maybe even shout Chris a coffee or two (but make certain you tell him I sent you!)

That’s Chris on the left. Clearly, he is not as good looking as me! But we can forgive him for that!

His collections of books can be found here

He often has specials going and I think if you hurry there might even be a free box set on kindle right now! Follow him on facebook for the details!


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