a sad day

I woke up this morning feeling quite defeated. I was sleeping on the couch… please don’t ask why. Normally, whenever I sleep on the couch I’m awoken by the every subtle presence of Choc my beagle. You see he usually wakes me up with his insistent sniffing… particularly of one’s… how do I put this nicely… umm buttocks region! It doesn’t matter who you are, he will sniff your buttocks. It is just what he does! He is very gifted at it. By the time you are aware of it, he already has a smile on his face and you know he has been doing that for at least 10 minutes. So here comes the confession ‘Doug’ from the book is actually based on Choc.

Anyways, I woke up defeated. Simply because this morning I did not sense his presence. Choc died on the weekend. He reached a grand old age of 16 or there abouts. He had one eye. Had a rather embarrassing desire to do rude things to people legs. Loved to butt sniff, and when he was more active would only pull my pants off the line and then proceed to chew a hole in the buttocks region! Only my pants mind you. Whenever, I would mow the lawn he would run out in front of the mower and do the biggest poo poo he could. I swear that dog would then watch me run it over coming covered in a fine mist of the worse smelling stench in the universe, and then to make it worse I swear he would smile, when he did this I always imagine his giving a evil hehe laugh. Over the years as his eye sight in his one remaining eye worsened he would often do a poo in the yard and then wait for the flies to gather on or around it. He would then spend the rest of his day barking at the flies. I kid you not, he would go back and forth checking on it and barking at the flies. He hated them with a passion.

I am certain there where many other things he used to do that annoyed me. But honestly those things would always be forgiven when he would on the rare occasions when would actually act like a dog who loved his people.

Because his people loved him!


Upcoming Event – Ride invite

If you are feeling ugly and sad, just buy a motorcycle and go for a ride… and just be ugly

Well good news ugly peeps like myself. I along with a couple of others are heading out for a great ride to celebrate the coming end of term

Details are as follows:

2020 Australian Long Track Championship – page located here

Quirindi Show Trotting Track – track location on google maps here

9am Saturday and Sunday 19 – 20 September

Entry Adults $15

Want to know what long track racing is? Here is a link of first person view of some practise days

I’m thinking of riding down there after work knock off Friday the 18th and riding as far as possible to leave a short ride to the event on Saturday. BTW the 18th is the last school day of the term.

We will need to move early if we want to get a good rate for accommodation Saturday night somewhere close to Quirindi (more than likely it will be Tamworth which is about 35 minutes away)

I’m then thinking about joining all of the dots on an epic zig zag journey including some of australia’s best roads. With no real time frame in mind. You are more than welcome to join me for some or all of the trip. I will only be swagging it as a last result. Otherwise it is all hotel motel style accommodation. I not committing to any definite length of time, some are expecting a week. But the choice is all up to you.

Please contact me for details.

2020 ride of the year

It is done! The dates are set! Permission has been given! I’m set and can’t wait. 2020’s Australian senior solo speedway championship is on, and over 5 rounds in 3 states January 2020. I going to all of them on a 4,800 kilometer journey. So once again the offer is out there for anyone to join me. I have accommodation booked on the nights of the speedway but everywhere else will probably be swagging it on the side of the road somewhere to keep cost down. Check out this page for details and contact information to ask any questions

Ride to Cracow for a date with the boxing ring

Saturday the 18th of May I am heading off for the yearly fun at Cracow Hotel to witness the awesome Freddy Brophy Boxing tent. If anyone is interested in joining me please let me know. It will involve swaggin it just outside the hotel in a paddock so bring your swag, some cash for the boxing tent and little extra for food and drink. I will definitely be taking the long scenic route to get there, so you can either join me for a full days ride or take the direct route and meet up there. I will be the fat dude with the stupid grin on his face!

Good News Everyone!

Chris Philbrook of “Adrian’s Undead Diary” fame (along with many other amazing stories) is running a ‘roll the dice’ interviews series (details of which can be found on his web site http://www.thechrisphilbrook.com/). The people being interviewed belong in the camp of great authors and narrators. Normally, this fact alone would exclude me from ever being on that list. But for whatever reason… maybe he felt pity for me… maybe he wanted to show the difference between good writers and bad writers… maybe he just wants to have a laugh…I’m on the list! I did find his description of me amusing, “Dean Thomas, Australian, large man, creator of things that can be read”.

I found it amusing because my friends don’t read, and really it has only been my friends who have had any interest in reading my stuff 😉 By the way this is very handy for me as I can tell stories about my friends in my books and never be sued… so shhh don’t tell them!

Anyway, regardless of the reasons why, I am on the list of interviewees. It should be a good laugh. Please go check out his site and follow the interview series. Maybe even shout Chris a coffee or two (but make certain you tell him I sent you!)

That’s Chris on the left. Clearly, he is not as good looking as me! But we can forgive him for that!

His collections of books can be found here http://www.thechrisphillbrook.com/books/

He often has specials going and I think if you hurry there might even be a free box set on kindle right now! Follow him on facebook for the details! https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherPhilbrook


An old gamer

I have not mentioned this before, but I am video gamer from back in the days when you were restricted to only having 8 sprites on the screen at once. I know that doesn’t mean much for most. But for those in the know it brings back a lot of memories. I have recently got back into the swing of games again. But for the life I me I just don’t understand a lot of modern games. Take fortnight for instance… that’s just weird, and what’s with Minecraft. The game I last played with games like Day of Defeat and Quake and Unreal. But sadly, no servers exist for those games here in Australia anymore.

Today I want to do something about this great injustice. What hope have the younger generation have if they can’t play the games which I played as a younger fellow. So, I introduce you to HOUSEOFDEAN its basically a collection of game servers I am running to keep those games alive. So, if you are an old gamer or if you are younger go check them out. Oh, I should mention I have found a modern game I like – WRECKFEST… this game is more addictive than crack