I have not mentioned this before, but I am video gamer from back in the days when you were restricted to only having 8 sprites on the screen at once. I know that doesn’t mean much for most. But for those in the know it brings back a lot of memories. I have recently got back into the swing of games again. But for the life I me I just don’t understand a lot of modern games. Take fortnight for instance… that’s just weird, and what’s with Minecraft. The game I last played with games like Day of Defeat and Quake and Unreal. But sadly, no servers exist for those games here in Australia anymore.

Today I want to do something about this great injustice. What hope have the younger generation have if they can’t play the games which I played as a younger fellow. So, I introduce you to HOUSEOFDEAN its basically a collection of game servers I am running to keep those games alive. So, if you are an old gamer or if you are younger go check them out. Oh, I should mention I have found a modern game I like – WRECKFEST… this game is more addictive than crack

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